Make real batik or painting on real canvas


Make real batik or painting on real canvas

Direct inkjet printing on any fabric.

Do you know, what is real batik?
Do you know how much costs real batik?
1 sq. meter (9 sq. feet) costs near $5000

Now you can make absolutely real batik
on your inkjet printer (any model, any ink).

All you need - to steep fabrik in special liquid RFC-1.

It's new patented technology!

It's non flammable, non toxic, non allergic - absolutely safe.

You take any light fabric (silk, chiffon, cotton, canvas).
Dip it in RFC- and dry.

Any fabric after drying becomes like paper.

Now you can print any image on it.

You get real 2-sided image - real batik!

The image is washable, UV- and weatherproof.

Best for gifts, wedding gifts, corporate gifts...

Printable size for 1 liter RFC-1 (2 pints) -
5.5-6 sq. meters (near 54 sq. feets)

1 liter RFC-1 (2 pints) - $149

You can buy any image.
Letter size - $25

Mail us digital image 300 dpi.

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