New unique inkjet ceramic transfer paper


New revolutionary INKJET mug & ceramic transfer paper!
Any ink! Any inkjet printer! Not requires transfer coating!

Our revolutionary inkjet ceramic transfer paper RCT-1I
works with any ceramic surface (mugs, tiles, plates�.)
It doesn�t require sublimation and any other polymer transfer coating.
You will get professional quality.
It�s simple and easily.
Just print image in mirror.
Cut the image.
Fix the image with heat tape on mug.
Now you can transfer the image.
RCT-1I works on any ordinary ceramic surface with/without glaze.
works with mug heat transfer presses
or with special model mug wrapping.
Now you can make any picture or photo on your inkjet printer
and transfer it on any mug, ceramic tile or plate
with mug wrapping in your oven or with iron.
Transferred image will be UV- and waterproof.
For glazing, dishwasher safe or outdoor use,
we reccomend you to spray image with
any clear high temperature

If you use our Mug wrap system, please read instructions below.

This Mug wrap made from stainless steel and high temperature material.

Mug wrap can be used for any round 11 oz. and 15 oz. mugs.

1. Preheat oven to 400 degrees (205 Celsius). While the oven is preheating, prepare mugs, images and MugWraps.

2. Tape transfer to the mug using heat tape.

3. Wrap the MugWrap around the mug inserting catch block (see diagram) through the handle of the mug. Engage catch block with catch bar. Align wrap to be even with the top, bottom and handle of the mug.

4. Place the wrapped mug upside down on center rack of oven. Allow air space between mugs and oven walls. Mugs should be evenly spaced and not touching.

5. Bake for 5 minutes.

6. Using oven mitt, carefully remove wrapped mug from oven and immediately remove wrap and transfer.

If you want to transfer image onto ceramic tile without heat press,
you can use you iron and high temperature silicone pad.

Mug/Ceramic Inkjet Transfer paper RCT-1I -
25 sheets A4 - 8.2"x11.5"(near Letter) - $99

Stainless steel MugWrap - 1 pc. - $129

Iron-on high temperature
silicone pad A4 - $17

Mug/ceramic inkjet transfer kit:
1. Mug/Ceramic Inkjet Transfer paper RCT-1I - 25 sheets A4 (same Letter)
2. Stainless steel MugWrap - 1 pc.
3. Iron-on high temperature silicone pad A4.
You save $10

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