Memorial mask and hands


Memorial mask and hands


We are working for those who want a permanent keepsake of their dearly departed.

We use an unobtrusive process to make an impression of your loved one's face or hands.

The unique special materials used are of the highest quality,
and can be painted and stained in various combinations
for an end product that is a work of art.

You�ll see every hair, line, skin marking.

Masks and hands are weatherproof.

We are ready to arrive to any place worldwide
for any urgent call.

We are located in Yalta, Ukraine.

If we need visa to come to your country,
please contact your embassy in Ukraine.

To perform the order will arrive two specialists.
Moldmaking time - 30 minutes.

Working time 2 days and 2 nights after making mold.

Mail us in English or Russian for any order or if you have any questions.

We accept Western Union only.

If you will call us, please use Russian interpreter.


Call 24 hours