Herbal healing juniper pillow


Healing pillow

Healing news � curative massage � cosmetic cylinder pillows is a magnificent present for the birthday, wedding, a sign of respect to any lady, and not expensive and very useful purchase!

A cylinder (length � 30cm, diameter � 12cm) is made of natural fabric (silk, chintz and so on) of various colors.

Inside the cylinder there are dry, ecologically clean sawdust of the famous Crimean fragrant juniper, cypress, Crimean pine-tree and other valuable and medicinal fragrant kinds of trees, curative abilities of which are confirmed by the scientific research of many years and also corroborated by the wisdom of many generations.

Sawdust for production of these medicinal articles are taken only from the trees, growing in ecologically clean parts of the Crimean mountains.

Every lot of sawdust has obligatory antiseptic (with fumigation) treatment.

The cylinder or the pillow can be put under your head very comfortably, and you, when sleeping or having rest, smell curative aroma of these nature�s presents, that brings you health, beauty and harmony and at the same time is making massage of your cervical vertebrae, strengthening muscles of your neck and eliminating the slightest signs of osteochondrosis and other neck diseases.

Magic fragrance of juniper is getting your nervous system calm, makes you feel fresh, stimulates the activity of endocrine glands, makes the skin of your face and neck smooth, preventing from wrinkles.

Phytoncides, permanently flying around, provide very positive anti-inflammatory and antiseptic effect, treating upper-respiratory tracks� diseases, relieve pain and eliminate neuralgic and osteochondrosis edema. They are powerful natural stimulants of immunity.

Cylinders and pillows with juniper sawdust inside � is a beautiful relieving remedy for menses. They provide normalizing effect for the whole body.

We also offer cylinders for gentlemen. This sample contains specially selected mixture of sawdust from seven valuable kinds of trees � juniper, silver fur, Crimean pine-tree, etc.

This mixture has a wholesome influence on the whole organism, gives a relief in case of post-alcohol syndrome, normalizes arterial and intra-cranial blood pressure and also stimulates endocrine glands, which are responsible for the production of testosterone, and this fact stimulates sexual activity.

There is no time limit in using the cylinder and in case when medicinal aroma is getting weaker, you can easily restore the initial force of fragrance � just slightly massaging it.

This article can be used as an integral part of any interior.

Scientific research for many years didn�t find any contraindications, including allergy in using fragrance of valuable kinds of trees in phytotherapy.

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