Inflatable screens


Inflatable screens

The screen that can be set-up in minutes as no complicated frame or rigging is required.
The screen material supports both front and rear projection.
The whole system is completely weatherproof and can withstand winds up to 20 MPH.
If weather conditions become such that the screen needs to be taken down,
it can be deflated in a matter of seconds making it safe and practical for any outdoor event.
The screen can be used for projection of video, film, computer display, slides, laser shows or other media.
Additionally, the projection screen is removable
and can be replaced with optional surfaces such painted signs to create a large dynamic display.
Inflatable screen is an inflatable PVC framework with an integrated projection screen.
It is so dependable that even long-term performances over several weeks are possible.
Now we use absolutely new material for movie screen.
It is high reflect (1.1) and very soft!

Independent of facades or other supporting constructions Inflatable screen can be installed
just about anywhere standing free.
With its low weight Inflatable screen is perfectly
suited to sensitive locations such as historic sites.

Our inflatable movie screens will be up
and running in a few minutes,
they may also be used
as inflatable bigboards,billboards, inflatable signs!

8mx8m (26�x26�) - $4500
20mx10m (66�x33�) - $7200
10mx8m (33�x26�) - $6100
6mx5.5m (20�x18�) - $3200
15mx9m (33�x30�) - $5320

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