SeaStepping Bubble


SeaStepping Bubble.

What is a "SeaStepping Bubble" ?
It's a big ultra clear bubble 6-8 ft. in diameter which we call SeaStepping Bubble. They are all made of ultra clear special material. The "SeaStepping Bubble" is easy to use, just blow it up, open up the zipper, the rider enters inside, close the zipper and re-inflate the "SeaStepping Bubble" again to full capacity. and your off water walking!



How do you get inside of those bubbles?
We have a zipper!

How do i blow them up?
With a vacume cleaner or a gas or electric leaf blower.

How can you breathe inside that thing?
The SeaStepping Bubbles, have enough breathable air volume inside the 6-8ft diameter bubble, for a normal person to remain inside for a long time, without the need to refill the bubble with fresh air.

Filler up!
Putting fresh air inside the bubbles is easy. Open up the air intake valve and insert the blower even with someone already inside the bubble, so the riders can stay inside for longer periods of time.

How much time can you stay inside?
> 15-20 minutes rides when used on hot sunny days.
> as long as you wish, if the bubbles are used out of the sun or at night.
> just change the air inside the bubble at least every 30 minutes.

Great for kids
They are a blast for kids!
While riding inside of the bubbles you can walk or run on the water...with a little practice and good balance, and by hold onto the sides of the bubble as you lean forward and walk fast or run.

Nightime inside SeaStepping Bubble
We use a longer safety rope at night thus allowing for floating in privacy. In the future can you imagine...Hey mom, how did you really meet Dad?
Floating together one evening near the beach inside a "SeaStepping Bubble" built for two?

Glass bottom "SeaStepping Bubble"
What's the name of that fish?
Want to see some fish without using a snorkle and without getting wet ? It's really amazing,inside the "SeaStepping Bubbles" you can see fish as you're floating around on top of the water and even use a flashlight at night to attract them to swim up under the bubbles.


"SeaStepping Bubble" jogging
This is one of the best ways to build up your strength, balance, endurance, and it's fun.
I prefer personally to lay on my back and relax floating around under the shady side of the beach or at night but if you need a work out walking and controling these is a real challenge but its great fun to see how far you can go.

This is the newest form of entertainment while inside the "SeaStepping Bubbles".
The rules of the game:
2 "SeaStepping Bubbles" fight it out for space on the water as the 2 contestants inside the sphere's try to push each other out of a special round arena on water. The "SeaSumo" fight goes on until one player pushes his opponent out of the circle of floating boundries set up on the water.


"SeaStepping Bubbleing" in the rain
Perfect solution for fun even in the rain.
By placing a big umbrella for loading riders in and out of the bubble on the beach during the rain, you continue to make money, as all the other rentals on the beach slow down.





"CarBubble" and �BikeBubble�
Ford ask us to put a new car inside a 20ft in diameter ultra clear "CarBubble", with a big zipper allowing the newest model Ford Car to drive inside the sphere to be used as their main display on a gigantic showroom floor. "Playtex" has used our "CarBubble" for showing off their new products for the active lady of today.


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All bubbles have EU certificates.

All Bubbles working time is 20 days, making after payment only.