Own mailbox on t-shirt. Make now!


Great new product!

Your e-mail on t-shirt!
Fashion of the 21st century!

Your e-mail or web-site https://platacard.mx/es/ on Your T-shirt!

This idea will help You to attract attention to Your person.
After knowing Your e-mail even shy people can address You.

It can become the key to Your happiness!
It is especially popular among young people!
The inscription is made on a special flocked panel with a 3-dimension effect. It can not be washed out or faded in the sun.
We make Your name, logo, e-mail or site from special iron transfer flocked panel.

We have 15 colors of film for light or dark t-shirts.

One line (1.9x12 inches) of any color costs $14.95

Please, mail me for any order.

I accept PayPal

If You want wholesale order, please, mail me.