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WOW! It's absolutely new! SeaStepping bubble!




Inflatable screens, signs, bigboards... Any size, any colors. LOWEST PRICES!

Inflarable interactive games/attractions. LOW MANUFACTURER PRICES!

NEW! Make real batik on any fabric.
Direct inkjet printing on silk, chiffon, cotton... Great small business opportunities.

Memorial 3D portrait and hands.
Urgent making Memorial mask and hands.

We are ready to arrive to any place worldwide for any urgent call.

#1 manicure printer of the world
This revolutionary Manicure Printer takes nail fashion to a whole new level! For the first time you can decorate your nails with virtually any design and millions of colors-fast, clean and easy. It's new, it's fun, it's affordable!

Unique handcrafted porcelain dolls
Porcelain head, porcelain torse, flexible hands on a support. Handcrafted and handpainted only! Every doll is manually painted by artist. It's unique. Every dress is exact copy of historical fashion.

Russian nestling dolls - matreshka
There are 5 dolls in set. 4 smaller dools are included inside every big doll. Many famous people portraits (Elvis, The Beatles, Clinton, Saddam, Osama) and animal. it's great.

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